Dani Johnson Alert! A Review Of Dani Johnson

Have you heard of Dani and Hans Johnson through networking marketing circles? Have you seen her television show or checked out her website? I would like to give an open and honest review of Dani Johnson’s business/ministry.

First of all, who is Dani Johnson? She is an international speaker, motivator, business owner, author, and expert marketer. She shares her “rags to riches and back to rags and again to riches” story in a heart felt and moving way to capture the attention of anyone with a heart, or anyone who has a business sense to listen.

Dani started in business at 19 years of age. She struggled for a few months, failed, went into debt, and then became successful with the right coaching and training from a mentor. Dani’s life changed dramatically when her first husband left her, stole her business, and all of her money. She was left with $2.03 to her name and had to live in her car. She went on to become a #1 international producer within one year of starting with her new company. Dani went on to earn her first million within 2 short years.

Soon after she remarried to a man named Hans and they have 5 children.

Dani Johnson cares deeply about helping other people achieve their goals, dreams, and aspirations. At her conferences, people are often crying and emotional as she reaches out to the inner man and pulls out the goodness in people. She also prays with those in attendance. Dani regularly coaches successful executives, as well as brand new entrepreneurs and networkers. She sponsors a weekly Monday night training call for people in all walks of life to motivate and inspire. She does not endorse any particular network marketing company and will not allow those who attend her meetings to promote their own businesses or agendas.

Her focus is on teaching people to develop their skills sets, becoming leaders, breaking financial bondages and becoming debt free, time management skills, relationship marketing, prospecting and closing skills, teaching on the 4 personalities and more. The foundation for her teaching, coaching, and life principles are christian based. Dani’s business is synonymous with a ministry. That is because she does not hold back her faith to be politically correct. She shares her faith on every phone call, in every DVD or CD teaching and at every Steps to Success meeting. Without her faith in God, there would be no Dani Johnson.

I have only attended one of Dani’s First Steps to Success Meeting, but I can tell you first hand that it was life changing for me. I came back a new business woman with a new strategy and plan to grow my business. I especially liked the training on the 4 personality types and how they relate to the business world and network marketing.

In conclusion, I would whole-heartedly give Dani two “thumbs up”! She is real, she is funny, she is personable, she is knowledgeable, but most of all she is a woman of faith and is not afraid to share it.

By: Chelina Schultz

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Achieve Your Business Goals By Stopping Procrastination In Its Tracks – For Good

In our quest for the achievement of our goals and business success and we small business owners and entrepreneurs tend to spend a great deal of precious time and money learning how to be successful business owners. We buy the books, download the audios, and attend the seminars. We are pretty good at finding out what we think we need to know to achieve business success we deeply desire. But acquiring business development knowledge and learning the technical skills required for our particular niche is completely moot if we just sit on our “assets”.

Recently I began working with a client who has been having great difficulty getting started moving towards a goal that she really, and I mean really, wanted. She’s wanted it for a while now but was not moving forward. Frustrated with both herself and her situation, she engaged me to help her by, in her words, “kicking her butt”. I was not about to do that but I knew I could help. This wonderful, intelligent, and delightful business woman had all the information she needed to accomplish her goal but her procrastination was keeping her stuck. I am happy to report, she is now “unstuck”.

Procrastination is a problem which we all face. Some more often than others of course, but each of us runs up against it in our lives. Why is it we procrastinate about some things, often over and over again, and yet we don’t procrastinate in other areas? I am not talking about those small chores, like getting the laundry done, but procrastination about important things. Those tasks that, when left undone, hold us back from many of the things we really want and having the life we truly deserve. Figuring out how to end procrastination the moment you recognize it is happening, and to understand how to prevent it, is vitally important to the achievement of your business goals and your personal success.

Most of us tend to try to tackle our procrastination with will power. But, if you don’t understand WHY you are procrastinating, you WILL procrastinate again and often about the same task. You will have to continually apply tons of will power just to overcome the inertia. That’s very hard work and when it comes to those things we procrastinate about, it’s often fruitless work. We find ourselves making yet another promise to ourselves to “just get it done”.

Good news. There is a solution. No will power required. When you get very clear about what your procrastination is really about you can eliminate it. All it really requires is that you know a bit about you.

Here’s the concept: When you procrastinate about something, let’s call it X, you are not avoiding the “doing” of X, but rather you are avoiding the feeling or experience you think you will have while you are doing X, or when you have completed X.

This is best understood when you apply it to an example from your own life. Bring to mind something that you have been procrastinating about. Perhaps it’s an overdue communication such a client call you’ve been intending to make, or taking the time to document your business goals, or cleaning up a specific problem.

Got one in mind? Ok, now read the concept again: when you procrastinate about X, you are not avoiding “doing” X, you are avoiding the feeling or experience you think you will have while you are doing X, or when you have completed X. Take a few moments to think about this carefully. What potential negative feelings are you avoiding? If in the back of your mind somewhere you think that doing X may invite potential negative feelings like rejection, boredom, confusion, inadequacy, (just a few of the many possible feelings) is it any wonder you are resisting doing X?

This simple strategy of shining a light on the true reasons you are procrastinating about starting or completing a task can make it very easy for you to proceed without further delay. My clients who practise with this concept learn very quickly to overcome procrastination easily and without the requirement of will power. Pick a task that you have been procrastinating about and give this a try. Right now. Yes, right now.

By: Cathy Demers

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